YASHA-Saved book cover by Tina L Helmuth
Book 4 of the Yah-Struck series


The adversary sets a trap for the team who continues to wreck his evil plans!
Fresh from destroying an island and a castle, a member of the team is kidnapped and the enemy believes he now has the ability to destroy them all. The team gets caught in a web of murder, UFO’s and kidnappings.
Will the help of a Raven thwart his plans?


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This is the first book where Garth the Raven is introduced and will become the new team member.  One of my favorite parts is when he is keeping the other scavenger birds away from his dead master’s body and the adversary who can shape-shift into a flying thing appears and Garth goes after him.  Garth succeeds in pulling one of the feathers off the adversary before it flies away.  This also has a wedding in it, and Garth helps out.