Yah-Struck book cover by Tina L Helmuth
Book 5 of the Yah-Struck series


A honeymoon is supposed to be a happy, relaxing time unless you have a supernatural monster hunting you.

Joni and Andy were on their way to Japan for their honeymoon when their plane landed on an island that is not on any map.  Soon they find themselves trapped in an extinct volcano.  Will the team be able to find them and save them before the adversary kills them?


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The last book ended on a happy note with a wedding! Well it almost ended on a happy note!  However, there’s always something that will lead into the next book and it played right into one of my favorite parts.  In this book I start out using the Biblical Book of the Giants and explain in the first chapter all about the flood and how the adversary really came about and who is really in charge.