The Wrath of the Father

The Wrath of the Father book cover by Tina L Helmuth
Book 2 of the Yah-Struck series


Time is crucial when you child has been kidnapped!

Steven Simpson’s daughter’s horse has come home without her. He understand that something has happened to her and he realizes he’s now in a race against time to get her back. Steven knows he can’t do it alone.

This is the 2nd book in the Yah-Struck series.


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My sister and a childhood friend are both horse people, who I consider more like horse whisperers.  They both have a bond with horses that I wish I had, so in this book, one of my favorite scenes is when a daughter’s horse returns home and her father knows something has happened to her.  With the help of her horse who leads him to where his daughter was taken, he’s able to discover who took her, which begins a pretty supernatural journey to get her back.