Suffer The Little Children

Suffer The Little Children book cover by Tina L Helmuth
Book 1 of the Yah-Struck series



What happens when you accidentally film a child being sacrificed?

Andy Thomas loves using his drone to film in the California Redwoods, only this time he captures something terrifying that will stay with him forever. Security sees the camera light on the drone and Andy is now running for his life, not knowing whom to trust!

This is the first book in the Yah-Struck series that takes on the most heinous crimes – the abduction, sexual trafficking, and cannibalization of our children. This series is a fact-fiction series, based on what is happening in the world today.


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Since I love ALL my characters, otherwise what would be the point of putting them in the books, I’ll pick one of my favorite parts.  In Suffer the Little Children, there is a police commissioner who is powerful and part of the satanic cult that sacrifices children.  He meets his fate, which I’m not going to do a spoiler alert and tell you how it got to the point of his death, but suffice it to say, when he’s in his car and flames are surrounding him, he sees an Angel and realizes he picked the wrong side.


October 2021 *****

Suffer The Little Children is a very good book but also tough to read and wrap your brain around. This book throws the light on the darker and ugly side of our society. At times I struggled to read this book due to the graphic details. There are events that are exceedingly grim in this, focusing on child sexual abuse, child trafficking and cannibalism. This book starts with a very intriguing chapter where we meet Andy using his drone to shoot pictures. The drone captures a ceremony where the baby is being sacrificed by a small group of people. This shocking incident changes his life forever and sends him on a run from the people who were involved in this sick stuff.
I have to admit, this wasn’t what I expected. Given the premise, I anticipated something more flimsy, but it was an addictive story, albeit completely disturbing. It’s extremely suspenseful with lots of twists and intrigue. When things started to get really dicey, my nerves could hardly stand it. This was a well-written story and the author got the thrill and suspense right.

October 2021 *****

Let me start of by saying that this book is a freaking masterpiece in itself. It has a great combination of a spine chilling thrill element along with a jam packed next level plot.

The story is based on a character named Andy and his unending love and passion for drones.
But only if his passion has landed him to the hands of danger.
He wants to capture and cherish the scenic beauty of California through his drone.
And thus, one day while using the drone throughout the city, he witnessed something very disturbing and spine chilling. He saw some people performing child cannibalism in the name of some sacrificial ritual. But eventually those people came to know about the filming drone and thus went on a man hunt to find Andy and thus though accidentally but he fell into this trap of life and death forever.

This book is a fictional thriller but somehow justifies the pursuit of the story exceptionally well.
The book talks about the presence of mystical energy and forces and their overpowering influence on the humankind. The book clearly paints an insight of the conflict between the good and evil in people. The story explores and focusses more on the dark psychology of people in an inevitable manner.

I would highly appreciate the author here for bringing such conflicting dark concepts of humanity in front of people. The book brings somethings into the concern, which is really hard to believe at first place but is the ugly truth of mankind.

The book contains many scenes of child abuse in the names of sacrificial events, cannibalism etc which can be quite disturbing for few people. So please go through the disclaimer once and only if you are ready for it, then of course go for the book.

October 2021 ****

While sitting in my couch, today I was transported to a dimension filled with pedophiles, child murderers, cannibals, and many more such heinous crimes.
I don’t even know how to start writing about this book without giving any spoiler. So please forgive me if I give out any spoiler.
On a random night stroll, Andy is our clicking pictures on his drone. He suddenly catches a group of people in a circle, standing around an Altar. He sees one of the member of this group slices down a knife on something which Andy later realized is not a thing but a baby. As soon as the knife fell on the baby, everyone in this group started licking the blood flowing out of the baby.
From this point onwards the book kept giving me cringes after cringes. This book shook me to the core. The facts mentioned in the book about the crime committed against the children made me vomitish a bit. It made me sad.
Coming to the plot, it got me very excited. The devil and the angle. The narration of the book is very gripping, making it hard to put down. The book flew so smooth that I didn’t even realize that I had reached the end of the book. It was absolutely fun and I can not wait to know what happens next in the story.
Though I would definitely recommend you all to watch out for the triggers. So before you read the book be sure you are okay with those.

October 2021 *****

This book have disturbed me internally . Man this was a much disturbing read for me .

Like what will you do if you are obsessed with drones and using it somewhere and see child cannibalism ?

This story revolves around a boy named Andy Thomas and he is obsessed with drones .Once He was using the drone but suddenly he saw some people doing child cannibalism but the thing is that those people saw the drone and went running behind Andy to stop him. From that day , Andy with that recorded video in drone went running and running. He was in danger at many instances but no matter what he was saved by something .

The book says about the conflicts happening between the good and the evil. This book is full of thrills and it gave me goosebumps reading it. This book was both not-easy-to-finish and do-not-put-me-down kind of book obviously because of the interesting story and disturbing scenes .

This was a very new adventure read for me .

While Reading this book , I was feeling like we are exploring the darker side of the world . There are some videos like related to Satan , horror games , torchers and this book gave me that kind of vibes only. So before reading this book , be sure you are gonna face all this . Also this book have facts like the numbers and all so they are all factual which makes it more realistic for we readers to read it.

Overall , this was a 5 star read for me because of the cozy and thrilling vibes it gave me .
This 150 paged thriller/suspense or crime book has left me in a shock . Kudos to the author

March 2021 *****

Tina Helmuth writes with an urgency that makes you feel like you are in the plot, as if you were an extra
in the cast of characters. Once you start reading this book, you won’t want to put it down until you are finished reading it.
The content is perfect for what is happening into today’s world. Fantastic!