This is not a map of COVID-19. It is a map of sex trafficking. THE REAL VIRUS


It’s too bad that there aren’t “crossing” guards in places where vulnerable children are!  Of course those guards would have to be the equivalent of a Navy seal to save our kids!

I have been aware of child and human trafficking for quite a while and back in 2018 began writing fictional books with “disguised” truth in them along with a spiritual aspect of the Creator helping to dispense the kind of justice I’d like to see happen.  I am not the Creator and it is up to Him to mete it out, which I know He will do, but I also know He expects us to do something!  But I digress and get ahead of this story!

Patryk Vega is a Polish film producer who has just put out a documentary called the “Eyes of the Devil”, about child trafficking.  Currently the video is on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1y38N4LQiU, but with how they like to take everything down that has to do with this subject, we’ll see how long it stays up. You can also read the article at https://medicalkidnap.com/2021/03/23/famous-polish-film-producer-creates-documentary-exposing-the-sale-of-babies-for-sex-and-organ-harvesting-if-you-can-handle-it/.       

Patryk is trying to save one baby, so it starts out with his interview of a mother and trying to understand why she has no feelings for her child.  This is a woman that has been approached by a “trafficker” and promised a large sum of money if she will give up her baby to them.

She tells Patryk that she has no feeling for this baby and that she wants it out as quickly as possible.  I just have to ask, Poland doesn’t have the “morning” after pill, or condoms, or even abortion?  I am a great opponent of abortion, but I can tell you after watching this film and learning what happens to the babies, abortion almost seems the more humane way!

This film is NOT for the faint of heart, but I’m going to put some of the things in this blog, just in case you haven’t seen it first and it will prepare you for what really happens should you decide to watch it.

Patryk somehow convinces a trafficker to be interviewed.  Ultimately Patryk has conned the trafficker, but so too the trafficker is nothing more than a con-man, manipulating people with their own greed.  These traffickers or coyotes (which are a far better name for them) do the bidding of their “higher” ups.  The money is unbelievable in this enterprise and we learn that trafficking is a corporation and run like one.  I’m sure like many corporations there are dummy companies upon dummy companies so that it becomes almost impossible to find out who really owns it or runs it. 

The documentary talks about brothels, but these are special brothels located throughout Europe, and the trafficker mentions that there are four.  I’m sure there are many more and absolutely certain they are here in the US, even though that isn’t mentioned in this film.

Money comes from organ harvesting, exploiting the young children for sex, and the needs of “special” customers.  These places are so professional that they have medical teams to help take care of the children as well as the organ harvesting.

In realizing this aspect that would mean there are a whole of lot of “medical” people that have to be involved in harvesting organs.  Frankly to be able to run this kind organization, there has to be a WHOLE lot of people involved. One has to wonder how someone gets recruited into doing these kinds of things!

There’s a meme that shows the number of years it took a product to get 50 million users.  The airlines took 68 years; computers took 14 years; internet 7 years and Twitter 2 years!  But PORN HUB~~it took 19 days! Really, only 19 days to get 50 million users? One can only imagine who actually owns that site, but if traffickers are looking for “prey” meaning getting the women who would give up their babies or children, there has to be a place to find the people that could be conned into becoming a trafficker.  You don’t really think that an elite pedophile would actually dirty his hands to get a child?

According to the State Department, the top three nations in the world for human trafficking are the United States, Mexico and the Philippines according to the statistics in 2018; can you imagine what it is now?  And now we have Patryk’s documentary teaching us how bad it is in Europe.

From the same article: https://medicalkidnap.com/2019/06/25/state-department-report-u-s-1-in-sex-trafficking-60-american-child-sex-slaves-come-out-of-foster-care/

“We have a major issue here in the United States” Geoff Rogers, co-founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT), said in an interview with Fox News. “The United States is the No. 1 consumer of sex worldwide. So we are driving the demand as a society.”

“We’re also driving the demand with our own people, with our own kids,” Rogers said. “So there are tremendous numbers of kids, a multitude of kids that are being sold as sex slaves today in America. These are American kids, American-born, 50 percent to 60 percent of them coming out of the foster care industry.”

50-60% of the kids that are trafficked come out of foster care, seriously and we haven’t gotten rid of things like the CPS-Child Protective Services, which frankly is an oxy-moron, they no more do anything to protect the children than a trafficker does!  Then you have family court judges who will take a child from a family for the smallest infraction that doesn’t even make any sense.  Research it; parents are losing their children for the stupidest and most illegal things!

The horror of what is done to a baby/infant that the trafficker told Patryk, was there would be a “special” client who basically does anything he wants to the baby for a large sum of money. This may include pulling the baby apart limb by limb as well as the sexual deviancy that comes from sexually abusing the infant. There’s a cleanup team that will get rid of the evidence of this murder.  Just another day at the office!

The children that are used in the brothels are sexually exploited until they are no longer useful and then they are harvested for parts.  These traffickers try and get children as young as possible so there’s a longer shelf life.

Traffickers lie, what a surprise, because what this guy told Patryk, that the woman selling her baby would NOT get any money and instead she would be taken to a brothel to work out the rest of her life or be harvested for parts!

Patryk was able to convince the young woman to give up her child to a Catholic Adoption Agency (let’s hope not out of the frying into the fire), so he saved both the baby and the women. He was also successful in getting the trafficker in trouble with his masters.  Once they discovered that he had talked too much, pretty sure they told him they were going to tell all his family and friends and then kill him for what he did. But he actually came clean, told everyone himself and then killed himself. 

So here’s the issue, if you decide you want to play in this kind of exploitation of children, then you are on the hook to your masters who have all the goods on you.  Money and sex are what lure people as evidenced by the fact that it only took 19 days for Porn Hub to get 50 million users.  Frankly, that should terrify us all!

At the end of the film Patryk says: “A man has no chance to win with the devil, because the devil is a million times smarter than we are.  What we deal with is horrible, manipulative, merciless power.  But when a man stands close to God, then the devil doesn’t stand a chance.”

The Creator has a name Yahuah, since god means nothing, but I left that in as part of what Patryk said, since he believes in Yahuah and it’s probably what kept him from being killed.  However, the devil only has one trick in his bag ~~he’s able to lure us in because of our desires, weaknesses and impulses to fill those desires. Human trafficking is all about greed and sexual exploitation.  The other thing the devil has is that once you get into “bed” with him, he’s got you on “tape” as it were ~ most people who do this are too ashamed to admit what they’ve done and  rather than take the consequence of their actions, they just stand in devil’s abyss, thinking they can never get out.  The devil’s only power over you is your lack of honor and fear of shame!

Too many people ask the question as to WHY the Creator allows this type of stuff to happen!  The Creator gives us children as a precious gift to take care of, nurture and guide until they are old enough to become an adult in the world.  We are supposed to have the wisdom to take care and teach them correctly, which means teaching them what is really of value.  Lust and greed are not it; keeping up with the Joneses is not it; if we decide to go to the other side (playing with the devil) there is nothing the Creator can do as that is your choice.

Think of it this way – we are all YAH STRUCK – meaning we either answer His call when He calls us to come back to His way of thinking, following His instructions.  It’s all in His Book – OR we’ll be YAH STRUCK if we dismiss His invitation to get right with Him on His Judgement Day.  Make no mistake that will happen.

I saw a picture of a guy holding a lit match against a light background, the only thing what was making a shadow was the match, the light from the match did not.  Never thought about it that way, have you?

1John 1:5

And this is the message we have heard from him and announce to you, that Yahuah is light and there is no darkness in Him.

Ezekiel 24:13-14

“In your filthiness is your obscene and lewd conduct, because I cleansed and purified you, though you were not clean from your impurity; you will not be clean and pure again until I fully vent my rage and fury on you. I, Yahuah, have spoken. It will come, and I will do it. I do not hold back, nor do I pardon, nor do I relent. According to your ways and according to your deeds they will judge you,” declares the Master Yahuah”’.


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