Pizza – Pie – Part 3

Now for the final part of Pizza-Pie:

What doesn’t get any better?  Why child sex and child porn!!  But research and see what this world has turned in to!

Slade Sohmer is still free and do you really think his “friends” don’t invite him to their parties??  But Pizza-Gate has never died really – none of the BIG criminals with names have been arrested, well I take that back – here’s Peter Nygard – some mogul who owns Canadian Apparel Company which is now bankrupt:

Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has agreed to be extradited to the US to face charges of sex trafficking and racketeering.

A Winnipeg courtroom on Friday received a consent form, signed in jail by Mr Nygard, agreeing to his removal.

The 80-year-old designer faces a nine-count indictment in New York over allegations he drugged and assaulted women and girls as young as 14.

And in addition to this he was also interested in stem cell research, you know he’s 80 and they ALL want to live forever:

The tycoon allegedly ended up establishing his stem cell research company on the island of St. Kitts, near his home in the Bahamas.

Cronin alleges the purpose was to use aborted foetuses from his pregnant girlfriends to provide him with fresh stem cells.

“‘I may be the only person in the world who has my own embryos growing in a petri dish,’ he said.

“An ex-girlfriend, Suelyn Medeiros, wrote in a 2014 memoir about a trip she took with Nygard to Ukraine, where he was having stem cell research done.

Just in case you missed the mention of the UKRAINE – remember it’s rife with child trafficking – frankly let’s just call it the NEW EPSTEIN Island – if Peter is going there, you know the rest of them are as well!!
I talked about this film maker at:
“Since 2021 when we published the Polish filmmaker Patryk Vega’s documentary called “Eyes of the Devil”, which documents how babies are trafficked from Poland and Ukraine to the child sex brothels in Germany, or literally butchered so their body parts can be sold on the black market, we have exposed this evil child sex trafficking operation that has deep business roots inside Ukraine.

With much of this information now becoming public and even making it into the corporate media, journalist Ekaterina Blinova has connected the dots between the Clinton’s foundation and trafficking children in Ukraine with the help of Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenskaya and has published an article that at the time of my writing this, is currently the headline news article on

Ekaterina reports that the Clinton Foundation was “nothing but a vehicle to transform the once-broke (Ukraine) presidential family into mega-multi-millionaires and help their associates to get rich too.”

I see the Clintons show up here as well.  The Clinton Foundation was in Haiti and child trafficking goes on there as well..  Don’t you find it interesting that it’s the same players that keep showing up at all the “pedophile” events?  Well people all over are making connections and though many that have been ringing these bells for a long time have been killed, at last it’s really start to come out into the open!!

Before I close this blog, here’s just an aside – seems The Golden Globes, like most of these Hollyweird functions, give presenters and winners Swag Bags.  This one is worth ½ million in “party” favors – now they all don’t get everything, certain things either one or maybe three people will get them.  What I found most fascinating is the Food and Beverage category:

Food and Beverage

  1. Caviar Russe: Essential Collection of Gold Ossetra ($545, all 83 recipients)
  2. Distillerie de Monaco: Limited Edition Edon Roc Gin ($275, all 83 recipients)
  3. Komos Tequila: Bottle of Komos XO ($2,000, 3 recipients)
  4. Komos Tequila: Bottle of Komos Tequila ($499, all 83 recipients)
  5. Liber Pater: The World’s Most Expensive Wine ($193,500/ 6 bottles, 1 recipient)
  6. Razza: Private Class with one of America’s Greatest Pizzaiolos ($7,000, 1 recipient)
  7. Robb Report Culinary Masters: Full Weekend Experience for Four Guests ($25,000, 1 recipient)

Now note #6 – Razza – 1 recipient will get a private class on how to make PIZZA???  Hmm, that’s interesting and you have to ask yourself why it would cost so much!  Razza is a New Jersey Pizza place – you can buy the Chef’s cook book for $35, and what is so special about this pizza is they cook it in a wood-burning stove.  Still if you’ve studied Comet Pizza, there is no way there isn’t something else going on here!

It is time to take UP the banner and rid the world of TRAFFICKING – there is no longer any excuse to ignore that this goes on and it goes all the way up – Governments and Celebrities, they are either trapped because of greed and the need for power along with sexual predilections that make them objects of blackmail!


58:3 The righteous ones shall be in the light of the sun and the elect ones in the Light of Eternal Life which has no end, and the days of the life of the kodesh ones cannot be numbered.

58:4 They shall seek light and find righteousness with YAHUAH of Hosts. Shalom be to the righteous ones in the Shalom of the Eternal YAHUAH!

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