Ted Gunderson was an ex-FBI agent, who proved that contrary to the “FAKE” news, there were tunnels under the McMartin School as well as his talks about a group call the “Finders” who have to do with child trafficking!  You can find many videos that talk about him and what he did in his dogged pursuit of the truth about the McMartin case, be he had this to say about the Finders:

Career G-man and Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles FBI station chief Ted Gunderson had this to say about the “eccentric” cult:

The Finders are a CIA front established in the 1960’s. It has top clearance and protection in its assigned task of kidnapping and torture-programming young children throughout the US. Members are specially trained government kidnappers known to be sexual degenerates who involve children in satanic sex orgies and bloody rituals as well as murders of other children and slaughter of animals.[1] They are then used in their Satanic Ceremonies for body parts, as sex slaves, and some are auctioned off.

To further expound on what Ted Gunderson, post-FBI private investigator, found in the evidence of the Finder’s criminal operation, editor Ken Adachi adds:

The kidnapping of children for purposes of prostitution, pornography, high tech weaponry experimental abuse, mind control abuse, child slave labor for underground alien-controlled facilities, white sex slavery, and the satanic ritual murder of untold thousands of American children snatched from the streets and playgrounds of America by agents working for the CIA is the principle reason for the existence of a covert CIA operation called ‘The Finders.’ The Finders is one of the most alarming and despicable covert operations against America’s children that Gunderson’s investigations helped to uncover, but it’s only one of many covert Gestapo-like acts committed against American citizens by government agents under directives issued, not by Congress or the President, but rather by international Satanists collectively known as the Illuminati, who control the Secret or Inner government of the United States as well as every other major government in the world. The ‘Finders’ operation began in the 1960’s and continues kidnapping children to this very day.”

In 2021 Joachim Hagopian wrote a book called Pedophilia and Empire, some of what will be in this blog.  It’s a book well worth getting and he has ALL of his sources to back up what he puts in the book.   It is 43 chapters and covers EVERYTHING and every country that is involved in this most evil enterprise that takes children for the elite’s pleasures, which include trafficking, organ harvesting, cannibalism and the list goes on and on.  (Everything that is italicized is from Joachim’s book.)

The story of the Finders cult is the story of the development of child/assets to be used to entrap politicians, diplomats; corporate and law enforcement officials; to sell child/victims to wealthy perverts to raise money for covert operations, to train some of the child/victims to be professional operatives and assassins of a totally cold, multiple personality, mind control nature.

Longtime mind control sex slave, spy, remote viewer and CIA operative Dr. Sue Arrigo’s knowledgeable, credible contention is that the Finders kids were the throwaways of the CIA throwaways from its MK Ultra mind control program. Murdered CIA director for his “loose lips” William Colby once explained to Sue Arrigo that Finders was a CIA front program recruiting and training expendable children as targeted procurers of peers to push CIA drugs, arms and fellow sex slaves as a cost-effective measure designed to cut down liability of an inordinate number of CIA KIA’s. (Killed in Action)

Cathy Fox has a blog on child abuse: and she has a series of articles by Dr. Sue Arrigo on this subject:

Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 2 by Sue Arrigo MD –

We will hear from Dr. Arrigo’s own words – I won’t be putting the whole thing in here, only what is relevant, though it is worth going to Cathy’s blog and reading it.  We must always be in a state of checking everything and be aware of what is going on in the world.   It is too easy to think these things don’t happen, when child trafficking and sex trafficking for that matter has been going on for thousands of years.  These days, the perpetrators are just more efficient with technology and the help of those that they have entrapped by their own peccadilloes.   Like Jeffrey Epstein, who also worked for the CIA as well as the Mossad, and others like the Finders who set up people, filming them so that they can be blackmailed.  No one wants to get caught doing the heinous things that many do and are happy to do whatever is needed to keep their secrets!

Suppose I told you that a particular Supreme Court Justice was getting kickbacks on the sex slave business from the White House and told you how I knew that was true?

Let us go back to the 2000 election. I believe that Bush got into office because the Supreme Court was paid in favors and in money. (I’m sure there are many of you that remember the “the hanging chad” in Florida.  That is what this is talking about.)

What I am alleging is a conflict of interest on the part of at least one Supreme Court Justice. Others of them might be involved as well. It is against the standards of legal practice for a justice not to recuse himself if he has financial ties to the members of a case.

When Bush got into office, all of the cabal that backed him and whose fortunes rose with him are members of the case.

Now my having been a sex slave to the Bush’s and the Rockefellers is how I know this information. Since I was tortured periodically by Bush, Sr., Rockefellers and their henchmen I was under considerable duress to do as they said.

I was not a free agent.

Rockefeller had me reviewing financial transactions he made as I am a mathematician with some usual and valuable skills. About a year before the 2000 election I flagged a particular transaction, or rather set of transactions as likely to prove highly problematic in the future. I recommended that they promptly be reversed. David Rockefeller declined saying that it would lead to too much trouble.

The transactions were a series of 6 payments to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The payment amounts were large and curious. They were formed only of 6’s and were progressive. It was like a person with a mathematical obsession was trying to inform the Justice of their problem in a creative way. The first check was for 66 dollars. The second was for 666. The next was for 6,666. The fourth was for 66,666. The fifth for 666,666 and the final one was for 6,666,666.  (They never tire of doing the same thing and using 666, yes we know you’re all Satan worshipers.)

During 2000, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was William H. Rehnquist; he served from 1986 until 2005.   As an aside, here in 2022 Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed as the Supreme Court justice, who will be taking Justice Breyer’s place.  She is the first black woman, but she supports pedophiles by giving them lenient sentences for their crimes.  I will leave you to research who our government thought would be good for the highest court in the land and for a lifetime.  Now, back to Rehnquist and how it got his payoff.

The transfers came from a David Rockefeller account at his bank to the Justice’s account at that same bank. That bank is one whose records I have monitored for years for unusual transactions per Rockefeller’s orders. Substantial assets of it are the direct result of the sex slave business, mostly from the US side of it.

For instance, when Rockefeller charged a man a million for my services, a million was received from the man by the bank the next day or two. That was a recurrent and predictable result of my spreading my legs and my mind as Rockefeller’s slave.

For example, Nelson Rockefeller was head of both his sex slave and his drug business and the heads of the CIA were his public side “employees” in that he had the power to get them fired or executed.

Casey (William Casey, head of the CIA) died as a result of a hit by the Rockefeller family because he didn’t do what they wanted enough to please them. The brain cancer he had was bogus. It was someone else’s X-rays with his name on them. And he was DCI at the time. He did not fully understand the power structure that he was in. He was fooled by the organizational charts that show the CIA as a public institution headed by the President. I tried to explain to him how things really work. He didn’t want to believe me.

You can look it up – the New York Times obit says ex-CIA head dead at 74 of a brain tumor, hmm!

From my perspective Finders was a CIA run mind control sex slave experiment.

My specific knowledge of the Finders experiment came from reading 3 books in the CIA and talking to two of the in-house researchers who were responsible for administering the Project in the Dept. of Plans, in the Division that should be called Mind Control but due the sensitive nature of the topic was instead called “Future Assets”.

Its main office was on the third floor of the main CIA building, until it moved to the 5th floor under Goss. By then I was gone. The importance of the move was that the higher up in the building the closer to the DCI, the higher the priority. That is the way the CIA works.

The main facility for that Division is not surprisingly in a separate building because the CIA has grown over time. It occupies 2 floors of a large building and has over 40 full time researchers in it. These are only devoted to mind control.

Thus once again proving that in spite of the CIA saying MK ULTRA was dead, they were SO wrong.

I want to mention one other way in which I learned about the Finder’s Experiment. The name Finders comes from a CIA slang word that was popular about the time this experiment started.

It was Fucked Into Not Denying (FIND). A boss at the CIA would tell an employee “Go find out who did this”.

It was like a game of musical chairs. Everyone would deny that they did it until finally somebody was the scapegoat and was fucked into not being able to deny it.

So the Finders acronym was a warning to people in the CIA to be careful and not get made into a fall guy for this whole Project by letting a word out about it. A person leaking such stuff usually got blamed for the stuff itself—as people outside the agency couldn’t tell who was above whom and where the buck stopped.

The first time I heard about the Finders Group was at a party. Some kids were brought in to a fancy DC estate dressed up almost in Halloween type costumes-clowns, witches, ghosts, etc. But the costumes had big buttons on back panels over the bottom so that the kids could easily have their private parts exposed. The kids were trick or treat age. But it was not fall.

Colby explained to me that the point of the Finders’ Experiment was to train children to be like drug sniffing dogs—only they were to sniff out who would make good pushers for not just drugs, but illegal weapons, sex slaves, etc.

The CIA was looking for a down line in these businesses and it wanted to use expendable agents. The CIA was having trouble explaining how many of its operatives died. It never put names on the gold stars in the marble panel in the entrance way because that panel was a bald faced lie.

I will tell you, that there are many websites and files that no longer exist, having been scrubbed from the internet, gosh I wonder why!!!

You can go to Cathy Fox again and look at what she has, but many of videos on there no longer exist, though she still has good information.

Now as you read above from Dr. Arrigo, she confirmed that the Finders are NOT some sort of cult, though you will find there was a case down in Florida where they were caught with children, but then let go.  They are also connected to Washington DC, certainly no surprise there, but this is just more information.

The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation

Little is known or been written about an enormously significant event that took place just over three decades ago involving a bizarre cult called the Finders. This presentation will examine all available documented evidence that includes recent, never before released public records from the police and US Customs investigations.  Other than a couple conspicuous mainstream media articles from February 1987 and a final follow-up in 1994, the critical importance of this “mysterious” group sometimes called “Finders Keepers” and its operation have largely been lost to the public. Despite the name – Finders Keepers – denoting procurers or finders of children kept as pedophile slaves, the CIA front that trafficked children for the elite has by careful design remained an obscure, strange footnote in history.

Interesting that they were supposed to FIND trafficked children, you knew that was never going to happen.

But this gross omission conveniently disregards the compelling evidence acting as tangible proof that the Finders was a CIA front organization caught in the act of abducting and moving very young children across both US state lines as well as international borders, functionally serving as a first conduit link to the highly organized child sex slave trafficking pipeline controlled by the most powerful evildoers on earth. And it’s no accident that this scandal centered in Washington DC was operating at the exact same time and place as the very much related Franklin scandal occurring throughout the Reagan-Bush years of the 1980’s. The Franklin scandal is directly linked to the Vice President and President-to-be, pedophile drug lord and international child pusher George H.W. Bush.

It’s thought that there is a connection between The Finders and Pizzagate or as it’s now know, PEDOGATE:

One of the children they found was able to remember where her home was:

February 9th, 1987: The First Interviews.

On February 9th, investigators were able to secure a small interview with one of the children, named Mary. As the oldest of the group, she was the easiest to talk to and gave some of the first crucial information to the investigation.

Concern #1: Location of the Finder’s HQ.

During the interview, Mary was able to reveal the location of her “home” as the following address: 3918 W Street NW, Washington, D.C. Through a simple map search, this is what the house looks like as of 2014:

In an odd coincidence, the former HQ of the Finders lays approximately three-miles away from Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria, where the Pizzagate talk first started, and about five miles away from the CIA Headquarters. In addition, the Finder’s HQ was also in the vicinity of about six schools, as well as Rock Creek Park, which is also important.

In an odd coincidence, the former HQ of the Finders lays approximately three-miles away from Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria, where the Pizzagate talk first started, and about five miles away from the CIA Headquarters. In addition, the Finder’s HQ was also in the vicinity of about six schools, as well as Rock Creek Park, which is also important. 

Why is Rock Creek circled in red? Last December, citizen researchers found Instagram posts of what appeared to be construction underneath Comet Ping Pong:

The building owners had no construction permits, nor were inspectors allowed to step inside the building, let alone file reports on the building to see if it was obeying guidelines.

As depicted in the map above, the HQ of the Finders was located very close to Rock Creek Park. When workers found these tunnels during infrastructure projects, some of them were underground streams, while some were dried up and became natural tunnels. However, it is not known how long these streams or tunnels were there for, or what their purpose was. It is entirely possible that these tunnels were man-made, or happened by nature, but the strange thing is that, despite the discovery, no photos or other documentation exists.

It’s amazing how each thing starts to relate to another thing, how the Finders are connected to Pizzagate, but before we end and I will save Pizzagate for another post, here’s one last thing:

Another disturbing trend, the number of missing Virginia kids without even photos posted on file has skyrocketed in 2016 when Pizzagate erupted, up from just 8 in August to 74 in November 2016. And 3 out of 4 child victims of sex trafficking are already in the child “protective” services (CPS) system. What does that tell us? Our own governing agency assigned to protect and keep kids safe is doing exactly the opposite. But then if in fact it’s the government that are the human traffickers, again that explains why.  (It is confirmed that Fairfax County in Virginia has the largest amount of child abductions in the United States.  Check the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Interesting that in 2022 there has been a massive increase in child pornography online – from 2021 it has risen 35%.)

Make note that this also talks about CPS (child protective services) or as I like to call it CHILD PORN SERVICES, these people have ALL sorts of way to sexually traffick and exploit our children.  Frankly, it’s time to put an end to this kind of debauchery, don’t you agree?

In Sodom, before Yahuah destroyed the town He sent two of His angels.  They had promised Abraham if they could find ANYONE there that had any kind of morals, Yahuah would save them.  Yeah, like that was even going to be possible.  Thankfully, in our current time, there are many people who are starting to come back to a moral compass and I wager just in the nick of time, at least for the time being.

If you remember the story when Yahuah’s messengers were at Lot’s house, the people came to his house and wanted Lot to send the guests out, so they could have their way with them.  As is the Hebrew custom, guests are sacred, so Lot offered up his daughters.  They only wanted the men and tried to break down the door, we’ll pick up with Scripture:

Genesis 19:11

And then men who were at the door trying to get into the house they struck, afflicting them with blindness, both small and great and they were unable to find the doorway.

Then the men told Lot to take his family and anyone that was with him to get out of the city:

Genesis 19:13

For we are about to destroy, bringing to ruin this place, because the outcry against them has become magnified before Yahuah.  Yahuah has sent us to destroy and devastate it.

It’s interesting to hear so many people complain how they think that Yahuah or the Creator is such an ogre or a killer, but then again most people haven’t bothered to read anything in the Old Testament to find out why these things happened.  If you don’t know what Sodom looked like back in that day, you need only look at what is going on now in our world. Child trafficking has gotten out of control and there are too many powerful people that protect it and makes so much money, traffickers would rather get caught than give it up.  But there too will come a time when like Sodom the Creator will have had enough, but this time it will be world-wide.










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