There comes a time when we have to wonder about medical examiners.  They are the ones that determine how people die, but it’s the cases that don’t make sense that should make a light bulb go off in our heads, when we keep hearing the same thing.

I read once about a medical examiner who had been in that job much too long; especially when he claimed that a person who was decapitated had committed suicide.  We can’t expect coroners, being human, not to succumb to greed and to be paid off if required to keep something quiet.

Dr. Thomas Noguchi, who became known as the coroner to the stars performed autopsies on the rich and famous.  He did all the autopsies on Marilyn Monroe, Bobby Kennedy, Janis Joplin and Sharon Tate to name a few. But the most interesting is the case of Natalie Wood.

I was living in California at the time and working in the entertainment industry when we heard that Natalie had drowned late at night.  We all knew it was murder and was sure that would be the result of the autopsy, but it wasn’t.  Too many discrepancies in the story of Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken to think that this wasn’t, but the coroner said it was an accident.

Then in 2016, Dr. Noguchi comes clean with NEW testimony that is part of a civil case, that he had always suspected foul play, but apparently didn’t feel the need to confess that he had failed to scrape for foreign tissue samples under Natalie’s fingernails.  Too bad he didn’t do it back then, perhaps her killer would be in jail.

But the point of this has to do with coroners and their findings.  Let’s talk about death by strangulation using a door or doorknob.  How many of those have we heard about?  Michael Hutchens of INXS, Robin Williams, Kate Spade, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and Anthony Bourdain to name a few using suicide by strangulation as the cause. 

There are many good videos out there showing how this is wrong in so many ways and the reason why they didn’t commit suicide but were murdered, and murdered for a reason.

Total Disclosure.Net is one such place where Alessandro has done some amazing research and has videos about the deaths of rich and famous people that have been killed.  Most of them were killed because of PEDOPHLIA and they were about to blow the whistle.

Some of Alessandro’s research shows that Chris had found a “black book” that contained a list of addresses where children were delivered for sex trafficking or worse.  Sounds like Ghislaine’s book!  Seems Chester had copies of the book, but then he too died and now it’s gone.  Imagine if you found one of these books and friends of yours were in it, what would you do?

Chris’ current/separated wife Vicky was embezzling funds from a foundation Chris had set up to help children.  With all that, Chris had every intention of turning this black book over to someone (though it doesn’t say who), but like many that are killed; they don’t leave a dead man’s switch as it’s called.  Whistleblowers need to ensure that whatever evidence they have on an elite, that you have some way of still getting it out.

For a moment, let’s discuss who Chris would turn that black book over too!  Police, the FBI, who would it be?  Anyone remember the Hillary and Huma snuff film as they call it-now going by the name of Frazzledrip.  It was said that after the cops viewed it, they were appalled as they had never seen anything so horrific and yet nothing was ever done about it.  There are clips of the video on the dark web, but it’s said that if you even view this mess, the FBI would be knocking at your door.  Currently you have the infamous Hunter Biden laptop with thousands of child porn images and yet, supposedly his father is now president and still nothing has been done with that, so you have to wonder who Chris planned to give the “black” book too!

There’s another great website you can check out for more on these kinds of incidents at:

I highly recommend this website to get the full research of how these men were killed.  Pedophilia is fast becoming a crime against humanity!  Not only the children are victimized, but even those that would help may end up dead.

Here’s just a bit more from the website about Chris’ death: He had nine broken ribs, uneven ligature marks, a bleeding head wound, and a torn shirt.  ALL suicide ligature marks are ALWAYS even due to the pressure.  There were also signs of a confrontation before his death, fighting for his life.  Now I ask you, does that really sound like SUICIDE?  Even more interesting is the fact that it was the POLICE the determined it was suicide and that later the medical examiner agreed and said Cornell’s cause of death was by hanging.



Police photos released Tuesday show the blood-splattered bathroom, the red exercise band presumably used in the hanging and the broken door jamb from the bodyguard’s forced entrance. Also pictured were personal effects such as Cornell’s Delta airline ticket from New York to Detroit, prescription pill bottles and an acoustic guitar lying on a brown chair.

Now I ask you, who tries to commit suicide using a red exercise band?  Isn’t that like a giant rubber band?  Chris was 6’3” and weighed 180 pounds, so you have to ask yourself, how tall was the bathroom door at the MGM Grand in Detroit?  Take a look at the picture from the crime scene.

I’m seeing the only way to attach this rubber band would be to the doorknob, and frankly that just makes this all the more unbelievable that His death was a suicide, unless of course you believe the idiotic story, one wonders how you’d explain the nine broken ribs, unless of course that is the bouncing effect of this exercise band when you are trying to kill yourself.

Then there’s Anthony Bourdain, who knew Chris and was involved in helping save the children.  Anthony knew ALL about Haiti and the Clinton foundation and as a matter of fact he knew about Adam Schiff and his stay at a hotel where Anthony was staying – seems Anthony saw Schiff with a child.

Again, I encourage you to research this by starting with Total Disclosure.Net and move on from there. 

Hollywood is notorious for pedophilia; it’s time to STOP it!!



Ezekiel 8:16

Then He brought me into the inner court of the House of Yahuah. And there, at the door of the altar of Yahuah, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men with their backs toward the altar of Yahuah and their faces toward the east, and they were bowing themselves in worship eastward to the sun.


Let me interpret this for you.  Yahuah is the name of the creator, or you can use Yahweh, but know that His name is NOT god, just because you capitalize it.  Ezekiel was one of Yahuah’s prophets and most may know him because they think he talks about UFO’s, he doesn’t.  This is talking about 25 priests who are supposed to be priests for Yahuah, but instead in secret they are really worshipping idols.  Hollywood worships their elite masters who have blackmailed them into thinking that they have power, but in the end, the only power they have is the ability to steal your humanity!

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  1. Puravive Review says:

    It’s as if you read my mind; you seem to know so much about this that it’s as if you penned the book in it or something. Although, I believe you could use a few images to help drive home the point, other than that, this is an excellent blog. I will definitely be back for more.

    1. Tina Helmuth says:

      Don’t forget to check out the fact that I have written “faction” books — it’s an ongoing series called Yah Struck and you can download the first book for free. Thanks


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