Isn’t it interesting that sometimes snakes try to eat themselves, do you wonder why?

It could be by mistake, confusing their tail with another.   Could do with their body temperature; if they get overly hot they get angry and can become confused, mistaking their tail with that of another snake.  Sounds like a lot of liberals screaming at a protest, who like a snake get angry and mistake the signs and shouting words they have as something that makes sense. 

Snakes also get stressed which can turn into disorientation, again confusing themselves to start eating their tails or in cases of extreme hunger.

Then there are the Egyptians who will turn everything into some sort of symbol – this is called Ouroboros and depicts a serpent eating its tail forming a circle.

They call this the circle of life!  Of course this is another fertility symbol, where the tail symbolizes the phallus and the mouth the womb.  Hmm….

Then you have this:

The medical symbol called the Caduceus or Staff of Asclepius though this is only a single snake wrapped around a rod.  Snakes and medicine, now there’s a combo, but then again if you have followed some of the more reliable medical professionals you will have heard they are using snake venom in the vaccines, but let’s not digress.

The Caduceus has nothing to do with medicine. It is an ancient symbol of Greek deity Hermes, the god of commerce, luck, travel and thieves. Hermes was given the staff by Apollo, as a gift of reconciliation after a long feud between the two gods. Apollo is a god of healing, his name is invoked in the original Hippocratic Oath, yet the staff he gives to Hermes doesn’t have any more connection to the healing arts than that. When Hermes first received the staff, it was unadorned beyond the pair of wings on top, a symbol of Hermes and his speed. One day Hermes happened upon two serpents fighting and thrust the rod between them to stop their struggle. Both snakes stopped fighting and curled around the rod, thus making it a symbol of peace.

Universal freemasonry says serpents are misunderstood; they represent wisdom, transformation, IMMORTALITY, and healing.  I don’t really think that is what Yahuah had in mind when He made the serpent, turning him into a lowly snake to eat dust for his crime in the Garden.

On the Baphomet’s stomach is an old Greek symbol of two serpents entwined around a staff – the staff which was carried by Hermes and heralds in general.

The caduceus symbolizes trade, negotiation and reciprocity and was co-opted into the Baphomet by Levi. (Levi is the Sculptor of this mess)

The Church of Satan uses the symbol of the snake and they are working hard to get children involved with it, just like the medical profession and Planned Parenthood who are working hard to help your children transition into something they are not.  There are too many people who still aren’t paying attention to what is happening to the children.  What is going on after the lock-down and there is a “promise” there may be another reason to do it again.  Too many distractions to actually see that some things stay the same; 800,000 children go missing every year just here in the United States – some will say, those are the children that go into CPS and can’t find adoptive parents – though CPS is the biggest trafficking ring and anyone that tries to blow the whistle soon dies. 

We need to also pay attention to the HORROR of what is going on with the children.  Not only sexually exploited, used for adrenochrome addicts – scare them to death and then open their brains and eat their pineal gland, organ harvesting, cannibalism and whatever else the elite and all powerful cabals thinks they need to find immortality.  That is the real goal here, one that I might add they will never attain!!!

Joachim Hagopian wrote Pedophilia Empire – we’re going to quote some of his chapter 3; Tracing the Ruling Elites- Pedophile bloodlust for children from Antiquity to today.  We’re just going to hit the current stuff, but this really is a book you should have and study.  It starts with the Satanic Snuff Films and Cannibalism and how you can be trapped by them.  Remember greed equals blackmail if you decide to get in bed with these people.

Joachim writes about two snuff films someone had seen and then wrote about them years later:

The films obviously left an indelible imprint that would never be forgotten. It seems like a very real glimpse into the dark world of Illuminati Satanists caught on film in action, cutting the throats of two toddlers, draining their blood, and then two cooks on camera instructing how to prepare and cook human flesh for dinner guests wearing masks that cover their eyes. It’s so shocking it seems like a devil’s cooking show from a Fellini movie.  (Think Eyes Wide Shut with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.  Remember these people always telegraph what they are doing.  There is also a very real club in Los Angeles called the Cannibal Club that Chelsea Clinton has talked about)

The next scene is at the dining table with assembled guests and host couple. All are Satanists. The host has recently hired a young man for an executive position in his company, and he and his wife are the special guests. They’re filmed eating the two children. The new employee and his wife are nervous but the ten other diners at the table remain jovial.  (Ah yes, being the special guests – at this point they don’t have a clue – the first part of the film is the cooks explaining how to prepare and cook human flesh.)

After the meal comes dessert and a wine toast followed by the host lecturing his new hire on treating the general public like peasant and cattle, emphasizing how different they the elite are from the “sub-human” animals that they detest and can barely tolerate. Finally the servants come out with two trays that they take the covers off to expose the toddler’s heads. The young man and his wife convulse with shock and the husband vomits. They just passed their initiation into the “good life” of the upper crust Illuminates. (So until dessert came exposing the toddler’s heads, the new couple had no idea what they had just eaten.  Now they are complicit and can be blackmailed, you know into that good life.  As a bonus though and don’t forget, the heads will not go untouched, since someone at this party will eat the pineal gland – or adrenochrome.  Who knows if they forced the new couple to do that?)

The second film is even more disturbing. A young homeless pregnant woman has been taken in by the Illuminati under the pretense of receiving support from a social charity service. She has been set up in an apartment and provided medical care for her child’s birth.  (Now there is a Polish director that I walk about in the blog – he interviewed a trafficker who tells him about a woman who was pregnant and he was just waiting for her to give birth so that he could sell the child on, so this film would not be fake)

The film features the same host who has invited the young mother to dine with the same satanic friends including the young couple from the last film. The mother wants to see her baby but the host claims she’s being taken care of by a nurse and wants to get to know her without the child distraction. They end up serving the mother her own baby’s flesh. The idea amongst these psychopathic monsters is the more evil the act, the more you’ll be rewarded by Satan. When the tray of her child’s head is displayed, the woman of course begins flipping out uncontrollably. Though the film ends there, the young mother was murdered shortly afterwards.  (I can’t even imagine the horror this poor woman felt when she realized she had eaten her baby.  It is interesting these psychopaths think the more evil they are the bigger the reward from their master – they are NOT paying attention.  Their master has no regard for them and sorry to say, they will have no immortality, but you can be assured that Yahuah’s judgement will make them wish they have never been born)

The reason the two murder scenes were made available for the writer to view is the Illuminati member tasked with making the films showed it to him. Though the filmmaker was a Satanist himself, he had become upset with the child sacrifices and was trying to get the leadership within the Illuminati committee to be purged. So he’d kept copies of the snuff films and showed them to people he was unauthorized to give access to. He had renounced his Satanism and become a Christian but when higher ranking members learned he’d let others watch the films, he too was murdered.

It’s good to see even a Satanist can get upset and do something good by exposing these horrors, even though he was murdered, he finally did something good and that may help him on Judgement Day.

These people are all snakes and vipers – they live underground, not physically, though many are buying underground bunkers, but they do their evil in the dark.  These people are not stupid and they prey on “our” desires, and when those desires become snares, then it is our children who suffer.  Children have become a currency – nothing to be treasured but something to use to get ahead is that really where we want to be?

And before you think this whistle blower had to be crazy, how about this!  Tracy Jo Remington another whistle blower:

According to Remington, her ex-husband (now deceased), Gregory Vern Remington, McMinnville, Oregon, was a pornographer for Clinton Foundation.

“He was the spider in the center of the Web. His title was ‘The Baby King,” Tracy Remington said.

Tracy Remington said McMinnville is headquarters for “The satanic cult of the Clinton Foundation.”

Here’s the link to all the information – but suffice it to say McMinnville is in Oregon, hmm, no surprise there but make note that her husband is now dead!

Also worth noting in the article, as usual, are all kinds of threats and intimidation as well as deaths from public officials, including the cops.

I’m adding this, because I know what a fraud Alex Jones is, though there are many who don’t:

It also caught my attention that Tracy Remington said she reached out to talk show host Alex Jones only to receive no response. I too reached out to Jones, armed with my staggering amount of audio evidence that includes covert CIA recordings – and I never heard a word back – nothing – rather – my email was blocked.

Now remember Jones is supposed to be a fighter against the Clintons, hmm, do you really think so?

Cathy Fox is incredible with her research on trafficking and so much more, she is worth subscribing to and supporting.  Not like swimming in this swamp with these MONSTERS is easy:

This piece goes into depth about what goes on in McMinnville, Oregon, but I’m going to use just a few bits:

This is from Tracy Remington whose husband Gregory also known as Bruce Wayne aka Batman and now deceased (thinking he was killed):

Above and below the main two scans /photos are two more. At the top, West, Tom, and at the bottom Bates, Kim. By the Crime Fighters was an advert – “Buried in” ….[debt]?

Were they relevant to the message?

Goodbye Crimefighter. And thank you. Hanx.

Was this a signal to Remington that his usefulness was over, his death was coming and he was on borrowed time? He died 9 months later March 2018.

Even evil has a shelf life, when they no longer think you are useful they get rid of you, well with the exception of the Clintons, but then again, I don’t really think they are the originals do you?

There’s a series called the Chosen and it is in its 3rd season – they use Jesus to my Yahusha, but it is well worth watching as well as the fact that it inspired this young trafficked woman, who from when she was a toddler until she was 30 had never known love.  Mary Magdalene in this series is what brought her to find Yahuah – the above link is Meghan’s Story.

Jeremiah 7:31

And they built the high places of Topheth, which is in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I have not commanded, and it did not come to mind.

This has to do with worship of the pagan god Moloch or Chemosh – Topheth is the burning place known as defilement and death as well as the place of graves. 

Make a note that the Creator/Yahuah never asked for that to be done, nor did it ever cross His mind.  It’s only evil that would ask you for your children.

Ezekiel 23:37

For they have committed adultery and unfaithfulness, and blood and death is on their hands, and they committed adultery and unfaithfulness with their idols, and even their children that they had borne for Me, they sacrificed them as food!



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