I’m sure  most Christians know Matthew 24:15-16 “So when the abomination of desolation spoken about by the prophet Daniel standing in the Set-apart Place (let the one who reads understand), then those in Judea must flee.”  And I’m sure that most people think this is only relevant to Judea or Judah which is in Israel, but it’s not.

It’s Daniel 11:31 that says: “Then military forces from him will arise, establish and occupy and will profane, defile, desecrate and dishonor the sanctuary, set-apart place and stronghold, then they will remove and abolish the regular burnt offering, but they will set up the abomination, filth, vile and forbidden idol that causes desolation to lay to waste and ravages to a ruined state.”

I’m sure most will think this only has to do with the  Daniel’s time, which is another mistake.  Daniel’s prophecies are ongoing, just like the prophecies of all the Creators prophets.  Oh sure, there are certain prophecies that have happened and been fulfilled like Daniel’s 9:25 when he confirms that Yahuah’s son Yahusha comes to earth and then is killed – that is the 70 weeks time-line, and for those who are interested, contact me and I’ll show you just how perfect that prophecy is.  But when they talk about the Abomination of Desolation – this fits many things and time periods – the desecration of Yahuah’s Temple, where pagans either destroy or turn them into pagan worship centers, which have happened all throughout history.  But what we have ALL forgotten is that ALL of us – our being, our bodies were created by Yahuah and so too are we His temples and what we do with them can also be interpreted as an “Abomination of Desolation”, so how much truer is it for our children!!  Changing your DNA is one way of destroying yourself and is considered an abomination.

We are starting to hear more from survivors who were victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA as well as children who were taken for sexual exploitation and managed to escape from their captors or even some of the traffickers themselves.  Perhaps Yahuah had a hand in helping so that this evil would be exposed for what it really is!

Cathy Fox is known for her blogs on child trafficking and you can find her at: – a must to sign up for.

 Currently she is posting an interview by Svali who is one of those survivors who managed to escape and is now sharing her experiences – from the blog: “Incredible survivor Svali joins us to share some of her lived experiences within Illuminati / Jesuit cults where she was trained as a programmer and an oracle 

You can find the link to this at:

We are going to focus on the points that Svali made in her interview with Gabbi Choong

Svali in training traveled in Ukraine and Asia in a big truck to orphanages, where they were told good homes would be given to infants or teenagers and then they give the orphanage a huge donation. The children were looked after in the truck by and transported to a warehouse in Amsterdam. Procurers for the rich families and brokers who were owners of brothels from around the world would then place their orders.

Think about Oprah’s school for girls that she opened in South Africa, which basically would be similar to an orphanage-it’s not like the girls paid to go there, but it would be used for those disadvantaged girls to help give them a hand up to a better start in life.  Great idea, but then the scandal that happened, and girls went missing and along with sexual abuse:

Oprah Scandal Rocks South Africa,8599,1680715,00.html

At a bail hearing in Johannesburg, dormitory matron Tiny Virginia Makopo, 27, was charged with 13 separate counts of abuse, including indecent assault and criminal injury committed against at least six students aged 13 to 15 and a 23-year-old at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, at Henley-on-Klip outside Johannesburg.  South Africa has some of the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world.

Of course nothing sticks to “Teflon” Oprah, as all the blame is on the dormitory matron, Tiny Virginia Makopo and I’m sure rightly so, but Oprah should have been better at hiring!  For as much money as she spent on the Academy or as Svali will point out Africa has a lot of trafficking routes, one has to think there was more than just altruism with Oprah’s idea to help African girls.

We know the Ukraine is a huge place for child trafficking, I mean you didn’t really think that our government was being altruistic when we gave Zelensky, who is nothing more than an actor who once was in a boy band, and now the President of Ukraine, the intent was to keep people from finding out about how bad and big trafficking is there and let’s not to mention all the bio-labs (I believe the number is 46) the US has over there.  Below is the link to the video!


This is who is now running the Ukraine – also did you know he’s got a mansion in Florida, I mean after all – one thing about the elites, you do their bidding they will pay you well.

How about some examples of what goes on over there:

May 2023. A 52-year-old Ukrainian refugee has been arrested in Poznan and accused of selling children to pedophiles (,36001,29821391,dzieci-bite-i-sprzedawane-pedofilom-wysluchalismy-wstrzasajacych.html). She came from the Dnepropetrovsk region last year. The woman has no children of her own, she brought up foster children – 10 children aged from four to 16 years old. Investigators found out that the woman sold children to pedophiles in Ukraine and Poland. It is noted that when the clients abused them, the Ukrainian woman stood next to them and watched the allotted time (the sessions lasted 20 minutes).

An entire orphanage with 85 children was sold to Spain from Ukraine ( The children were taken to the EU from Mariupol back at the beginning of the SMO and they disappeared there. Spanish newspapers tried [to find out] what [happened to] the kids, but couldn’t.

In the Netherlands, 170 Ukrainian teenagers were reported ( missing.

Another 159 orphans were evacuated from southern Ukraine to Turkey, but their trail was lost ( They were placed in a hotel in Antalya, allegedly for security reasons. The further fate of the children is unknown.

There are lots of stories about organ harvesting in Asia, especially China, many to do with children but prisoners as well.  That’s another thing the elites require – organs for themselves or their children!

Infamous auction house near Paris has Tuxedo ball as cover for child trafficking, the youngest ones sold in the early hours of morning.  Expendables were often taken to private party for snuff scenes.  Some children bred specifically for these parties, genetically enhanced children like a child with two genitalia or three breasts

In case there are those who don’t know what “SNUFF” films/scenes are, it’s where they film the death of a child as they are being raped and brutalized.  Many years ago a friend wrote a screenplay about “snuff” films, but back then no-one wanted to know about it, typical and we wonder why we are in the place we are in today.  And if you don’t think they can breed children with “specific” anatomical parts, then you’re not paying attention to the stuff we are hearing about, like you being able to be selective about what kind of child you want to have!

Mad scientists as far as I’m concerned have been mixing human and animals in abominable experiments since time began thanks to the fallen angels who decided to mate with everything once they fell to earth!!  Do you really think that the “jackalope” is not real??  May want to do some research on Plum Island – that’s a government facility that experiments with animals!!

And this just in from the WEF – World Economic Forum – who want you to eat bugs, live in 15 minute cities, no cars, and have any kind of sex you want.

By now everyone should be aware of the agenda that is going on with our children – the sexual agenda!!  Either they are being told to change their sex or that they should be having sex and there are many that think that babies should be included here.  This abomination has been going on for years and there are many who are trying to make pedophilia just another accepted form of sex! 

Many these days think the Creator is an ogre because he destroyed Sodom, let’s revisit that story.  Sodom had become so evil and debauched that when two angels came to visit Lot and his family to tell him to get out of Sodom, the people came to his house and said they wanted Lot to give up the angels to them.  Instead Lot offered up his daughters, which wasn’t the right thing to do, but again he was trying to protect the angels as if they really needed the protection.  My question is why Lot didn’t pay attention to what was going on and how debauched and evil this city had become and left!  Kind of like what is going on these days when we have allowed this world to succumb to a sexual agenda this is beyond harmful to children!

Well Yahuah the Creator had finally had enough with Sodom, like the mess the fallen angels created with human women and their children, who became giants and who knows what other types of abominations the angels created – He decided to cleanse the world with the flood.  PS the next time He does house cleaning it will be with FIRE!!  At least Sodom and Gomorrah were just surgical strikes and really should be taken as a warning!!

Svali was a mistress to David Rothschild, when 13-21. He loved the auction houses.  One of Svali’s jobs as a teen was to help keep books for child trafficking – a fair skinned infant then at the going rate about $100,000, a pair of twins of Asian descent maybe three years old trained in certain sexual gymnastics might go for 150 to $200,000, teenage girl of say 13 or 14 going to the brothel the $50,000- children addicted to drugs first before they would take them to the brothel.

Those elite and wealthy perverts sure do love to spend money, but it’s interesting a fair skin infant (white) goes for $100,000 – and we know what will happen to that baby.  A Polish director actually had an interview with a trafficker and the interview is on one of my blogs – the trafficker admitted: “they have a medical team on standby to clean up the mess after the wealthy pervert finishes up with the infant” – you have to wonder who these people are that would go in and cleanup something so horrific and think that’s okay!  Then you have a pair of twins of Asian descent, three years old and trained in sexual gymnastics!!!!!  Wow, but this would now explain why some gymnasts have fingered their coaches for sexual exploitation!

Those poor teenagers who are destined for the brothels will be worked to death so that their pimp can make a profit!

Svali doesn’t even touch on adrenochrome, but like everything else nothing has changed!!  Take a good look at this old picture – they weren’t killing that baby for no reason – they’ve always thought babies were the fountain of youth!  These days you have celebrities using the foreskins of baby boys as some sort of rejuvenating invention for their faces.  Now the only place they can get these is 1) either from a Rabbi or 2) a hospital- or 3) some enterprising Satanist who has a business and I’m sure is able to find parts that are needed!

And then there is this:

One trafficking route was from Quebec through Canada through Toronto and then down into New York City. They advertise for Nanny or housekeeper or model wanted and teenagers would disappear. New York was a large Center, Phoenix Arizona and Los Angeles another.  There was trafficking in India, Malaysia, China, Russia and South America.   Wherever there was war in Africa, they would pay money to allow them to come and just scoop the children out of the village.  All over Europe there’s private sex clubs where anything goes including animal shows with children as well as in the US

Canada has lost its mind – their prime minister, Trudeau a WEF puppet and rumored to really be the kid of Castro is working hard to destroy the country.  Whatever the WEF wants, he gives them:

Really, who says that?  And then there is this – a trafficking route that starts from Quebec and this headline:

Assisted Suicide for BABIES Demanded by Quebec College of Physicians

Now remember, it’s the physician who will determine who are those severely ill newborns, and you know how easy it is to go down a slippery slope when someone else is determining your child’s future.  After all look at how easy it has become for a parent to have their child taken away if they refuse to let them change their gender!!  Do you really think that because this is in Canada, nothing like that can happen down here in the US?  How easy was it for them to take away your parental rights with something that only 3% of the population is part of – you can thank the LGBPTQ+ for that!

“A supposed “safeguard” requires a physician’s approval in any decision to euthanize infants. Will it protect infants from ill-considered euthanasia decisions?”

I doubt it – considering this doctor loves her job:

Many SRA victims who have managed to escape the abuse, a lot of them talk about a Dr. Green as their handler – not that Stephanie here is who they are talking about – but that name was actually a moniker for Josef Mengele, who if you read Svali’s stuff you will find that she knew him.  He never died or was killed or went to Brazil/escaping to S. America, but he was allowed to escape and actually helped the CIA with MK Ultra.  Maybe he’s finally dead now, but could she be one of his children?  You never know, especially if you think euthanizing people is a fun job!

SInce Quebec starts the trafficking route – don’t you find it interesting they also want to euthanize children? We all know that NYC and Los Angeles would be a big hub – Phoenix, Arizona, lots of illegals coming up through there as well and smugglers, you don’t really think they’re just bringing in drugs?  Lots of trafficking victims as well!

If you do any research you’ll discover that Canada has a lot of affiliation with MK Ultra – as you can tell from this.  As far back as the 1950’s they talk about adrenochrome, which is if you don’t know is very addicting as some Hollywood stars will attest to and it all came from a mental hospital that started in Canada.  You can also check out McGill University which also had more mad hatters and experimenting doctors that you will find the CIA helped to fund.  As many of us are starting to become aware of, history has been re-written and there are those that don’t want any of us to ever know that, but in the end it will all be up to Yahuah who leads us to what we find.  Yahusha says seek and you shall find, when you feel the evil getting so close, you need to find and understand why, then get away from it as fast as you can!

Better to be with the Creator than against Him!!  Something that all these secret societies know nothing about, but they sure do work hard against Him by trying to turn the entire world into another Sodom!  They are doing the work of the “devil” or the adversary who has managed to convince them in the end they will win and beat Yahuah.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  The biggest problem is thinking you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions, which if you’ve seen any tik-tok videos you will see black children beating up white children because they  have been indoctrinated by these secret societies to believe whatever narrative they come up with to try and control the world.  They are allowing the children to be brain-washed so at some point they will come in like a “shining” knight and save us all.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that because remember as Scripture says – it will be the Anti-Christ that comes in first, which will then make it easy for you to fall for the mark of the beast, though frankly many have already taken!

Listen to this from Isaiah:

Isa 13:9-11 Behold and see!  The day of Yahuah is coming, with an extreme intensity of emotions and convictions and wrath and fury and the burning of anger, to make the earth a place of desolation; a horror, a wasteland and He will destroy and exterminate its sinners who bear the blame for not thoughtfully considering and discerning His Word. Indeed the stars of the heavens and their constellations which are a configuration of stars seen from earth, will not flash forth or emit their light; the sun will keep back and become devoid of light, and the moon will not allow its light to shine. And I will punish and impose a penalty on the world for its evil wickedness and the wicked, unrighteous transgressors for their iniquity and depravity.  And I will put an end to the pride and loftiness of the arrogant and insolent, and I will bring the haughtiness and conceit of the ruthless tyrants to be humbled and low.

This is really directed to all those ELITES who are trying to control the population and the world.  Think carefully about what side you decide to get on – this time in our history, there is no fence sitting or as Yahusha calls it being luke-warm – because that’s just the same as being on the side of evil!  Be a watcher and a protector for your children, fight back against grooming and believing that children need to be sexualized!  If you have to take your child out of school, do so – what’s the point of leaving them in there if they aren’t learning anything of value – listening to a teacher espouse about their sex life is NOT an education!  We ALL need to take care of the children!!





  1. Dee says:

    Well done Tina! This is such a dark subject partly because it is KEPT in the dark and ignored. Once you shine a light on filth, it is a human trait to want to clean it up. But if we don’t see it, hear about it, can’t identify it, then we can continue living comfortably in our perceived perfect Ozzy and Harriet world. We can spread the word and not be afraid to talk about it. We can teach our children to be aware of their surroundings. No one needs to be afraid. Psalms 56:11 “In Yahuah have I put my trust. I will not be afraid what man can do to me”! Yahuah told us how to not be afraid! Zep 3:13 “The remnant of Yahshral will not do iniquity, nor speak lies, neither a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth. For they shall feed and lie down, and none will make them afraid”. Teach them the power of Yahuah’s protection and the importance of doing His will , and follow His instructions and we will overcome! Yahusha made sure of that! Please share this far and wide. Thanks Tina for you hard work and continued research.


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