About Tina L. Helmuth

Author of the Yah Struck book series.

Tina L. Helmuth is writing an ongoing series called “YAH-
STRUCK” of thrilling “FACT-FICTION” books that boldly take on
today’s most heinous crimes; the abduction, sexual trafficking
and cannibalization of our children.  “Suffer the Little
Children” is the first book in the series and the introduction to
a dark current that lies beneath the surface of our society.
Deeply researched and mixed with the supernatural- good
versus evil makes this thriller hard to put down. Shining a light
on the root cause of these crimes and introducing a spiritual
solution. Justice will be served! 

Being in the dreaded boomer class, I look at my life in stages
on the journey to where I am now. I was born at Shepherd’s
Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas. My family traveled a lot
due to my dad working for Lockheed, spending 5 years in
Japan and then coming back to the United States was my first
stage. When I was able to leave home, I moved to California
and ended up doing production accounting in entertainment,
along with forming a band and making an album. Now in my
3rd stage, I've decided to write about the thing that has
pushed my buttons the most – and that is child trafficking. I
still do music, but writing novels as a way of telling the world
about child trafficking has become my passion.